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    Consolidated Defense Group (CDG)

     We are a comprehensive security organization offering integrated solutions with a focus on national and international critical infrastructure security needs. CDG and it's affiliates are proud of our long history of developing and delivering unique and timely solutions that capitalize on cost savings and identifying other business efficiencies that support strategic optimization.  


    • RECOVERING MAN-HOURS lost on extraneous duties
    • DEVELOPING EFFICIENCIES within their security plan
    • PREPARATION & SUCCESS in meeting regulatory compliance and inspections
      •  Through collaborative solutions supporting activities that fall outside of their core business
      • From the use of technology in training, day to day operations and outage planning
      • Identifying and providing quality gear and equipment to support operational requirements
    • STREAMLINING ACCESS to the service offerings of our affiliate companies through a single  contract
    • DIVERSIFIED SPENDING compliance with CDG a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)


    Providing professional security consulting and specialty training to our critical infrastructure and high risk facility clients. Our core offerings include security strategy development & validation, efficiency and optimization analyses, scenario based training and performance based testing & evaluation support (Force on Force) and 3D modeling services. With over 18 years experience in critical infrastructure support, our personnel understand the unique requirements of a regulated industry and can balance real world security needs within a commercial environment.

    Providing the necessary gear and equipment to ensure the highest level of protection of our nation's defense and critical infrastructure. Offering streamlined operations which affords our customers better service, products, pricing and procurement than any other provider in the markets we support. Our online Order Management System (OMS) has been custom tailored to each organizations unique needs. Utilizing the OMS our clients can recover the man-hours spent in order processing and inventory management shifting the duties to each end user. 

    Adversary support programs customized to meet each clients' unique needs. Ranging from complete adversary team programs designed and managed by Criterion Defense to providing augmented adversary support personnel. Our team will work with you to tailor a solution in line with current regulatory requirements while meeting your needs efficiently and professionally. Additionally, our Adversary Operations Training Course (AOTC) is designed to establish an internal adversary capability with continual training support.

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