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    Our adversary support programs are customized to meet each clients unique needs. Ranging from complete adversary team programs designed and managed by Criterion Defense to providing augmented adversary support personnel. Our team will work with you to tailor a solution that is both in line with current regulatory requirements and meets your needs efficiently and professionally. Additionally, our Adversary Operations Training Course (AOTC) is designed to establish and maintain your in house adversary capability.


    • Providing qualified Adversaries in response to Regulatory Guidance 5.69 and 5.75
    • Adversaries meet/exceed national standards (NUREG, DOE M 473.2-1A, Reg Guide 5.75)
    • Equipped & trained on all gear, equipment and capabilities within the Design Basis Threat (DBT)
    • Customized drill and exercise plans to ensure compliance with 10 CFR 73.55
    • Ability to run beyond DBT scenarios
    • Support for additional activities such as 50.54P Strategy Validation testing
    • Development of Mission Plan Narratives and Controller Matrices
    • Providing recommendations/corrective actions - post exercise
    • Quarterly updates & Annual executive summary
    • Provides reduction in regulatory compliance burdens (staffing, man hours, training)

    Can Criterion Defense assist you?

     Utilizing our services affords the following benefits:

    • Separation from site personnel to avoid perceived conflict of interest
    • Extensive history and reputation in supporting Force on Force (FOF) exercises and Adversary Training programs since 2001
    • Cost benefit of a contract adversary force vs FT employees (overtime, work hours, injuries)
    • Enhanced skill competency (full time team vs occasional usage of site officers) 

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